Today in the city Chrisman 23.04.2017
Carson Palmer Lost Another Team Bet and Had To Wear a Full American Flag Leotard Suit

Carson Palmer made up the rules for the Bucket Challenge after he was acquired by the Cardinals, but he was still the biggest loser.

Carson: Trump was 'quite somber' when he sensed victory

Dr. Ben Carson says the president-elect was remarkably reserved when he was starting to sense victory.

Former GOP Candidate Ben Carson Reviews 2016 Election Season

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Dr. Ben Carson, who ran in the Republican presidential primary and is now a supporter of Donald Trump.

Billy Corgan Out At TNA, Goes On Twitter Rant About Disputes With Company, Mentions Selling To WWE

Billy Corgan, ousted at TNA, took to his Twitter profile to discuss his issues with TNA as well as eluding to a sale to WWE.

Halloween Peaks Early as Carson Daly Recreates His 'TRL' Look on 'Today'

Carson Daly dressed up as the 'TRL' version of himself on Monday's 'Today,' chipped black nail polish included.

Carson Block told us he regrets not having shorted one stock in 2016

We sat down with the head of Muddy Waters Research Het bericht Carson Block told us he regrets not having shorted one stock in 2016 verscheen eerst op Business Insider.

Philadelphia Eagles Proving They're More Than Just Carson Wentz

As good as Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz has been at points this season, the defense has driven the team's success.  This became obvious when Philadelphia bested the 5-...

Anne Carson's Poetry Collection 'Float' In Unconventional Medium To Suit The Message

Anne Carson's book of poems come in a clear plastic box where they 'float,' which is also the title of her new collection. NPR's Scott Simon talks with the poet about her work.

Sarah Palin posts about meeting Malik Obama with a picture of her talking to Ben Carson

There is one Obama that Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and their supporters can all find nice words about: Malik Obama, the estranged Trump-supporting half brother of the better-known Barack. And in a Fac...

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